Natural Gass

Within the scope of Natural Gas Market Law; private sector players besides public have also started to carry on business in Turkish natural gas market as part of the existing natural gas import contract of Botaş is transferred to private sector in 2007 and with the liberty of spot LNG import in 2008.

Şişecam Group consumes approximately 3% of the total natural gas consumption of Turkey at its domestic facilities. Şişecam Enerji performs high volume gas trade with other licensed companies in natural gas market and supplies natural gas needed to group factories and customers it offers service through transmission and distribution lines uninterruptedly, and in a high quality and environment friendly way.

You may purchase natural gas from Şişecam Enerji with favorable terms at wherever you are in Turkey. Şişecam Enerji considers its customers as business partners and shares its energy with them according to their needs and with the terms they prefer and tempting price conditions.

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Due to our current organizational structure we are not able to give offer for the consumers below 5.000.000 m³ annual consumption.
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